Pet Owner Amazes the Internet by Building an Igloo for Their Injured Husky

One pet owner recently shared a video on TikTok that showcased the project of building an igloo for their injured husky and amazed internet users in the process.

In the clip, which got more than two million views since being posted in early March, the owner explained that their husky Wiley was injured for entire winter and “hasn’t been able to do much.”

While Wiley was “patiently waiting,” his owner built an igloo on the porch, and it turned out to be a perfect surprise. The dog immediately got comfy in his new den and didn’t want to leave.

“Every husky deserves their own igloo,” Wiley’s owner wrote in the caption of the video.

Other TikTok users rushed in the comments section to share their opinion about the heartwarming gesture.

“Did you just create a core memory for your dog?! That’s pretty awesome! I know every husky is jealous!” one user wrote.

“The bestest igloo for the bestest husky,” another added.

Wiley’s owner shared the follow-up video that shows the dog being puzzled after the igloo melted away and said they are thinking about getting a plastic igloo or a snow machine to keep him happy throughout the whole year.


Replying to @edgarrodriguez maybe I need to get him one of those plastic igloos or a snow machine #siberianhusky #huskylife #bendoregon #igloo

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