Trail Runner Accidentally Becomes a Leader for Sheep Herd


California native Eleanor Scholz was recently hiking through the French countryside with her boyfriend when she witnessed a completely baffling situation. She saw a female trail runner heading towards her and leading a large sheep herd.

Scholz had a hard time understanding what she had seen at first. The first thing that went through her mind was that the woman was a shepherd, but nothing about her was giving off that vibe. Except for the sheep behind her, of course.

“She wasn’t dressed like any shepherd I’d ever seen, and it seemed unusual that a shepherd would be running,” Scholz described the situation in a chat with The Dodo.

Scholz then got worried that the woman was being chased by sheep and decided to step on the trail and see if she needed some help. The runner stopped for a chat, and then an amazing thing happened. All the sheep also stood still and patiently waited.

The woman explained that the sheep herd was actually lost. So, when she ran past them, they decided to make her their leader and started following her. The runner seemed unbothered by the situation and actually enjoyed some company in the woods.

Once she and Scholz finished their chat, the woman started running again, and all the sheep followed.

“The few sheep who had been checking me out as a possible new shepherd changed their minds when they saw their friends start to leave — ultimately the whole flock stuck together and followed the runner off down the trail,” she added.

Luckily, Scholz remembered to get out her phone and capture the amazing event on camera. She later uploaded it on her Instagram and you need to check it out right away.