Watch an Adorable Tiny Kitten “Attack” a Man’s Ear

Cats may look all cute and fluffy but don’t be deceived by their looks. They are predators and won’t miss an opportunity to attack when given a chance. But because of their small size, their attacks on humans usually fall flat and end up being entertaining, as a recent video posted by the YouTube channel Teddy Kittens shows.

The clip features a one-month-old British Shorthair kitten named Pinky, who is trying her best to “attack” “a stern man’s ear.” The tiny feline tries biting on the ear and then attempts to scratch it. Despite the lack of success, Pinky is relentless, only making short pauses to lick her paws.

This amazing video quickly reached more than five million views, with YouTube users being blown away by Pinky’s cuteness.

Luckily for everyone who fell in love with Pinky, there are more clips of her on the Teddy Kittens channel. They are uploaded by Pinky’s owner Irina and feature her in all sorts of adorable moments and situations.

The videos include Pinky parading around in the beauty pageant costume, being cleaned by her mother, Melania, and playing with other cats from Irina’s happy cat family. Scroll down to check them out.

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