Cat “Screams” at Her Owners After They Return From Vacation in This Viral Video

We always miss our pets when we are away, even if that’s only for a couple of days. And don’t think that they don’t feel the same about us.

TikTok user @christ_stine recently uploaded a clip that shows how her cat reacted after she and her partner returned home from a vacation. As soon as they walked in through the door, the feline started to scream at them, expressing its displeasure with the fact that they were away for so “long.”

“Not too happy about our 3 day vacation,” wrote the TikToker in the caption.

The cat’s reaction amazed the internet, with more than 13 million people watching the video in less than a week.

Other TikTok users had some fun in the comment section, trying to guess what the cat was “saying.”

“Where HAVE you BEEN?!” one user translated.

“I have a lot of questions. First of all, how dare you,” guessed another one.

After the video went viral, @christ_stine uploaded an update, sharing more information about the “screaming” cat and the whole situation.

According to the TikToker, the cat’s name is Mario, and he had a pet sitter the whole time she was away. Also, he wasn’t alone in the house, as he has a sister named Buddy. She added that Mario is usually vocal but reserves his best screams for special occasions.

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