Australia to Dedicate 30% of Land Mass for Conservation of Endangered Species

Australia is preparing to take some significant steps in order to help its endangered animal and plant species. According to the country’s Environment Minister, Tanya Plibersek, the country is ready to dedicate at least 30% of its land mass for conservation purposes.

Australia is known for having diverse flora and fauna with numerous species that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Unfortunately, it also lost the most mammal species than any other continent and has seen a concerning increase of species at risk since 2016, according to a five-yearly environmental report card released this past summer.

In efforts to change the course and stop the decline, the Australian government has devised a plan that will increase the conservation areas by 50 million hectares in the next 10 years. The plan, which includes a $146 million pledge for conservation efforts, will be reexamined in 2027.

“The need for action to protect our plants, animals, and ecosystems from extinction has never been greater,” said Plibersek in a statement.

Several factors have contributed to the decline of species in Australia. However, human activity and expansion alongside recent extreme weather conditions are considered to have the biggest negative impact on the country’s animal and plant species.

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