One Adorable Dog Has Become an Official Landmark in Tbilisi, Georgia


If you are visiting Tbilisi, Georgia, then there is one local landmark you should definitely take the time to visit. Open your Google maps and search for Watermelon Dog, and you won’t be disappointed.

Watermelon Dog is an adorable stray canine who spends her days chilling on Amagleba street. She is known as a friendly face that regularly greets passengers with some tail wiggles and likes to be pet. As a matter of fact, she became such a favorite among locals that they decided to make her their city’s official landmark.

With some effort and creativity, unknown animal lovers have tricked Google and managed to list Watermelon Dog on Google Maps. There, users can get instructions on how to reach this four-legged “landmark” and also read some reviews from past visitors.

“Great pupper! Totally 5 stars!” wrote one reviewer.

“Very beautiful and intelligent doggo,” added another.

Another user named @lampimampi posted their adorable encounter with the dog.

Unfortunately, not everyone was fond of this attraction. One user with a “Local Guide” badge decided to crash Watermelon Dog’s perfect rating and give it a 1-star review. To make things worse, they didn’t even explain their decision and just wrote “didn’t like.” So awful and inconsiderate, if you ask us.

Make sure to visit Watermelon Dog if you are nearby and give it five stars. Because this cute dog surely deserves it.