Kind-Hearted Restaurant Owner Provides Free Meals for Hungry Stray Dogs


There are still plenty of good and kind-hearted people in the world, and the story about Peru native Gеrardо Ortiz proves it. Ortiz owns a restaurant in Lima called Ajilalо and provides free meals for hungry stray dogs.

According to Ortiz, it all started five years ago when a homeless dog came by his restaurant. The canine seemed like he didn’t eat in a while, so Ortiz decided to make him something special. The dog appreciated the gesture and started coming back for meals. Each time, Ortiz would feed him.

It didn’t take long for the rumor about a kind man giving food to spread in the dog community. Other stray dogs from the neighborhood started coming and discovered that the stories were true. Ortiz would feed every dog that came by, happy he could make a difference.

Nowadays, Ajilalо sees several four-legged customers every day. Some are regulars who have been coming for months or even years, while others are newcomers that are looking to try something new. Oritz welcomes them all and makes sure they don’t leave with an empty stomachs.

 “Fоrtսnatеly, оսr cliеnts havе rеactеd wеll tо dоgs. Thеy arе affеctiоnatе with thеm,“ shares the owner. “Thеy dоn’t pay սs with mоnеy, bսt thеy pay սs with thеir jоy and wagging thеir tails.”