Musician Rescues a Baby Deer, Recognizes Him a Year Later


Country musician Travis Tritt was recently walking on his property in Powder Springs, Georgia when he encountered a friendly deer. It turned out that the animal wasn’t friendly without reason—it actually recognized Tritt as his savior.

Tritt shared the video of the encounter on his social media, offering some insight into the whole story. Last year, he and his wife Theresa received an unexpected visitor. At their front porch was a fawn that seemed like he was abandoned by his own kind and didn’t know where to go.

 The Tritts decided to take care of him, feed him, and help him get on his feet. They even gave him a name; Oakley.

After a while, the fawn seemed capable of handling the wild on his own, so Travis and Theresa made a decision to let him return to the wild. They believed they would never see him again, but little did they know a reunion was on the books.

“He obviously remembered me and came right up to me as if he had he had never forgotten who I was and knew I wasn’t a threat to him. Nature is amazing! “wrote Tritt in the caption of the video.