Dog Steals a Bag of Food From a Delivery in This Funny Video


Dogs can get really creative when it comes to finding food. Brazilian Roseilson Melo recently learned this first hand when a crafty pup stole the food he was set to deliver under his nose.

Earlier this month, Melo was tasked with what seemed to be just another regular food delivery. He arrived at the customer’s house, unzipped the thermal bag to get the food ready, and then walked to the door and rang a bell. Once he returned to take the food out of the thermal bag, he noticed it wasn’t there.

Perplexed by the food disappearance, Melo looked around but couldn’t figure out what had happened. The customer naturally didn’t buy the story that the food just disappeared in thin air, but Tharles Costa, the owner of the restaurant Melo works at, had no reason to doubt his employee. So, the two decided to get to the bottom of the mystery and check the nearby security cameras to see what really happened. And it turned out the food didn’t disappear but was stolen.

The footage from the security camera showed Melo unzipping the bag and walking away. While he waited for the customer to open the door, the bag with food fell on the ground. A dog from the neighborhood noticed this and didn’t hesitate to use his opportunity. The canine casually walked to the bag, picked it up, and walked away, leaving Melo to wonder what had just happened.

The video of the “theft” was recently uploaded to Facebook and captured the attention of social media users who were impressed with the quick-witted dog.

Despite getting in trouble, Melo didn’t have any ill-feeling about what happened. He even decided to go back and meet the dog, with the two becoming buddies. That’s what you call a great ending to an amazing story.