Company Donates Watermelons Crushed in an Accident to Wildlife Rescue Animals


Animals at Louisiana’s River Bandit Rescue recently had a surprising feast of watermelons and cantaloupes that helped them refresh and deal with the summer heat. But the way they got it was quite unusual.

The wildlife rescue owner Leslie Greene was doing some chores in her town of Farmerville when she came across a car accident. A truck of a local company Yak’s Produce was doing a delivery for the Louisiana Watermelon Festival and had some bad luck on a slippery road.

Greene immediately pulled over in order to check in on the driver, who was luckily alright. However, due to the accident, all of the watermelons and cantaloupes the truck was carrying were crushed and scattered on the road. Seeing the sight, the wildlife rehab specialist had an idea.

She asked the driver what would happen with the fruit and whether the company was interested in donating them to her wildlife rescue. The driver contacted the owner, who was more than happy to help the animals. He even arranged for the squashed watermelons and cantaloupes to be delivered to the rescue.

Once the fruit got to the site, the animals immediately went for it and had themselves an amazing feast.

“They all just went to town on it,” Greene shared with People magazine. “They absolutely love it. With it being so hot and humid, it’s the perfect snack.”

Greene later shared the full story on her Facebook, thanking the company for their generosity and uploading further videos of the animals munching on the fruit.