Interesting Facts About Koalas You Probably Didn’t Know

The first thing that probably comes to your mind when you think about koalas is how cute and fluffy they are. But ask yourself, how much do you know about these three-hugging animals? Probably not as much as you would want, which is why we are giving you a perfect opportunity to learn more. Continue scrolling to find out some interesting facts about koalas you probably didn’t know.

Koalas Mainly Eat Eucalyptus Leaves

Talk about picky eaters. Koalas almost exclusively eat Eucalyptus leaves, usually consuming at least one pound every day. They will reluctantly munch on leaves from other tree species if they don’t have any other choice.

Koalas Have Fingerprints

Koalas are the only animals aside from humans and primates that have fingerprints. Additionally, their fingerprints, just like ours, are unique.

Koalas Rarely Drink Water

Thanks to their Eucalyptus leaves-rich diet, koalas get plenty of hydration and rarely drink water. This is what prompted Aboriginal Australians to give them the name “koala”, which translates to “no drink” or “no water”.

Koalas Like to Nap

Koalas are living a dream life. Their main activities are eating and sleeping. When they are not snacking, they usually take a nap, and sometimes, they can sleep for 18 hours in a single day.

Koalas are Loners

Koalas don’t enjoy the company of other animals or members of their own kind. They prefer to live a lonely life once they become adults, although they will tolerate other koalas in their vicinity during mating season.

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