Five Ways to Get Fit Without Even Trying

One of the toughest things about keeping active is finding the time and space to move. Many of us have jobs that keep us at our desks, with the only real movement is getting is to and from the coffee machine. When you are limited by the time and space, it’s time to take a step back and look at the ways you move.

You would be surprised, but there are ways to add movement, without even really noticing it. The really good news, is that finding ways to move more often during the day can have benefits beyond the obvious health ones. Moving throughout the day can improve your focus and productivity at work, and also help regulate your hunger. It might seem counterintuitive, but moving a bit more can lower your cravings.

1. Take the Stairs

Yes, we’re starting with the obvious, but this really is the easiest way to add steps to your day. It does mean making the healthy choice every day, which can be difficult, but it is worthwhile. It means taking the stairs at home and at work – even if you are on the eighth floor. No doubt it will be tough at first, but taking the extra ten minutes every day will be a serious plus. After a few days, you won’t even feel is anymore! Start slow and commit to taking the stairs down every day and then work your way to walking up the stairs every day as well.

2. Switch Up Your Coffee Break

Taking breaks from work is necessary. Everyone knows that the occasional coffee break is to be expected, but think about changing out your cup of joe for a walk around the block. Fresh air and movement can have many of the same benefits as a quick does of caffeine. By taking your five minutes to do a quick turn around the block, you will return to work refreshed and with more energy to keep tying away.

3. Walking Phone Calls

The average worker takes several calls a day and can be expected to have a phone meeting or two every week. These five to ten minute spaces are times when you can be mobile. Take your phone and headset outside or down to the lobby and try walking while you talk. Talking while you walk can also make sure that you remember your conversation. We are all guilty of surfing the web while on the phone, and walking while you chat can improve your concentration and memory.

4.Rethink Your Commute

There are many ways to get to work. Try taking a look at the way you get to work every day and see if there is any way to add physical activity to your trip. There is a good chance that you might save some money as well. For example, if you take the bus to a train, think about biking to the train. Think about getting off one bus stop early and then walking the rest of the way. Or for the truly brave, think about biking all the way to work. For those with long commutes, join a bike share so that you can bike one way and take the train back.

5. Walk One Errand a Week

Commit to walking to and from one errand a week, even if it’s a far one. The hardware store, phone store or pharmacy – there are plenty of errands that are a little bit further than you would normally walk. By taking the pledge to walk one of the longer errands a week you can save money and get a lot more physical activity without spending the money on a pricey gym membership.

These are just a few of the many ways to squeeze a little more room to move in your busy day. Try taking a look at your personal day and think about where you can find the room to move. Everyone has different schedules and habits, all it takes is a little creativity to find where you can find your time.

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