3 Tips To Safely Travel With Your Pet

3 Tips To Safely Travel With Your Pet

Going on that long awaiting vacation is the one thing you’ve been looking forward to this past year. You have been preparing for weeks and feel like you’re all ready to go. But since you are bringing your pet, are you sure he or she is prepared to?

Here are 3 tips that will help you prepare for a safe and non-stressful trip with your four-legged friend.

Make Sure Your Pet Is Microchipped

Getting your pet microchipped is something lots of pet owners do when they first get their pet. When your furry friend gets lost it makes it easier to find him back even if he wasn’t wearing a collar with a tag with your information on it. So you can imagine that it’s a must to have when going on vacation to a place that both you and your pet are unfamiliar with.

3 Tips To Safely Travel With Your Pet

So before you go, make sure your pet is chipped and wears a collar with a tag with your home info as well as a tag with your contact information during your stay out of town.

Make Sure Your Pet Is Completely Healthy Before You Go On Your Trip

Plan a visit to your veterinarian before you leave to make sure your pet is as healthy as can be and see if he needs any vaccinations. If you know your pet gets nervous or anxious during a flight or long car ride, you can ask your veterinarian for some useful tips.

3 Tips To Safely Travel With Your Pet

Also, ask your vet for a health certificate that is dated no more than ten days from your departure date. Especially if you are traveling overseas you might need proof of your pet’s health.

Make Your Pet’s Travel Experience As Comfortable As Possible

Flying isn’t a pet’s favorite thing to do so if you don’t have to it’s best to take other ways of transportation. If you absolutely have to fly to your vacation destination and your pet is too large to stay under your seat, it’s best you book a direct flight. The whole process of getting on  and off the plane with you there is stressful enough, so you don’t want him to go through that more times than needed.

3 Tips To Safely Travel With Your Pet

Also, a comfortable USDA-approved shipping crate is an absolute must. Your pet needs to be as comfortable as possible during the flight. So make sure you get one that is large enough for your pet to move around in and cover the bottom with towels to absorb any accidents he might have during this stressful time. Don’t forget to freeze some bowls of water the night before your trip so that your pet can have something to drink during the flight.

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