There’s No Love Like The One From Your Adopted Shelter Dog

Despite what people may think, there is nothing wrong or risky about adopting a rescue dog from a shelter. Most people think that these dogs were sent here because they were badly behaved, but this simply is not true. Most dogs are sent to animal shelters because their owners couldn’t take care of them anymore financially or physically. If you were to adopt a dog from a shelter, you wouldn’t be saving just that dogs life, but giving another dog the opportunity to take that spot in the shelter, ultimately saving their life too even if you’re not directly adopting them. Giving them the spot in the shelter prevents them from being put down and gives them the chance to be adopted. There are many benefits to adopting rescue dogs, one being that they will most likely be up to date with their vetting.

Odds are, they would have already been spayed/neutered when they were young, so these are bills you won’t have to worry about. Because they tend to be older dogs rather than puppies, some will have basic house training, which is always a hassle found in younger dogs. This takes time and effort away from potty training and gives you more time to love and play with your dog. One major bonus is cost. Dogs from shelters typically cost much less to adopt than buying from a breeder or pet store. Shelters are more understanding and will generally will take the dog back if you feel like he/she is not a good match for you. The shelters are very good at picking out each and every dog’s individual personality so you can pick based off of that unless you’d rather be surprised. No matter what, whatever dog you bring home will love you and appreciate you unlike any other.

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