Watch as Capybara Visits Guinea Pigs in Their “Home”

Capybaras are friendly cuties who like to hang out with other animals. And when they are in the mood for some company, they will not wait to be asked to hang out; they will invite themselves, as a recent viral video shared on TikTok shows.

The video, shared by @hicapybara, shows a capybara approaching an enclosure full of tiny guinea pigs. The capybara simply jumps into the enclosure and proceeds to find itself a place to lie down.

The tiny guinea pigs seem slightly startled by the “giant” walking among them at first. However, soon, they get comfy with their new friend and want to get to know it better.

The clip quickly spread on social media, getting more than 25 million views since being shared. Some TikTok users went to the comments section to share their opinions on how a capybara’s visit looked from the perspective of guinea pigs.

“Imagine just chilling at the beach & a gentle mythical giant choose to chill with you. It would be amazing,” one TikToker wrote.

“The guinea pigs just experienced a titan invasion,” another added.

Capybaras and guinea pigs hanging out isn’t all that surprising, considering they are close relatives. Both species are considered rodents and belong to the cavy family. As a matter of fact, capybaras are often referred to as giant guinea pigs.

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