Watch 14 Dogs Have Hilarious Reactions to Aluminum Foil

Dogs have the best reactions to even the most basic things. They don’t hesitate to show their excitement, confusion, or dislike towards something, and we all enjoy it because it is sincere and because, let’s face it, it sometimes entertains us.

In a recent video shared by TikTok user @thegoodhype, one family decided to see how their 14 dogs would react to aluminum foil. The clip is a must-watch as the puppers all have different and often hilarious reactions when faced with the material.

The family took large sheets of aluminum foil and taped them on the kitchen floor. They then invited each of their dogs to walk across it.

Most of the canines were puzzled by the shiny and squeaky surface, while some couldn’t believe that their humans put time and effort into such shenanigans. For example, a husky named Cinnamon gave its humans an “Are you serious?” look but still ended up humoring them. On the other hand, Bridget and Turko didn’t even flinch and casually made their way across.

As a bonus, the video also features two goats getting in on the fun. Check it out below and enjoy all the amusing reactions that the aluminum foil caused.

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