Viral Video Shows How Alligators Survive During the Winter

We know that alligators spend most of their time in the water. But what happens when the winter strikes and that water is frozen? Well, they adapt in an impressive fashion.

As it turns out, alligators remain under the sheet of ice and enter a state of brumation, which is the reptile’s version of hibernation. They only leave their snout above the ice surface so they can breathe.

Reptile rescue Gator Country recently showcased this unusual technique, called “icing”, in a viral video shared on TikTok. The clip shows an alligator frozen in the pond with just his snout poking out while a staff member explains what is happening with the reptile.

“That animal is in full hibernation right there. His heart is beating 3 beats per minute. Folks, that’s amazing. That’s how alligators survive in the ice,” a Gator Country staff member explains.

The video got a lot of attention on social media, with a lot of internet users learning about alligators’ winter mode for the first time.

“This is honestly the coolest knowledge I’ve gotten in a while,” one TikTok user wrote in the comments section of the video.

“Thank you for posting, I was literally thinking about them the other day!” another TikToker added.

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