TikToker Makes a Fish Tank (with Fake Fish) to Entertain His Cats

Having a cat and a fish tank in your home can cause quite a few challenging situations. Cats usually see fish as prey and will try all sorts of ways to get to them. This can cause danger for both cats and fish if you are not extremely careful with a setup.

However, having cats and a fish tank that has fake fish in it is another story. The cats will be entertained for hours with the prospect of catching fish while you’ll enjoy their predator instinct at its best. If you are curious to see how this looks, you need to watch a recent viral video from TikTok user @morgandifucci.

In the clip, the TikToker shows how she took a plastic bowl, filled it with water, and then added some fake fish. She placed the homemade fish tank in the bathroom and invited her cats to take a look.

Felines were immediately drawn, plotting all sorts of different ways they could catch the fake fish.

The clip became a big hit among cat lovers on TikTok, receiving almost one million views since being posted. It also prompted social media users to recommend getting robot fish to make the fish tank even more entertaining for cats.

If you can’t find a moving fake fish, @morgandifucci has a trick for this as well.

“Every once in awhile, I shake the bowl so it looks like they’re swimming,” she explained in one of her comments.

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