The Green Bird Brigade is Sharing Snippets From Life With Seven Parrots

When one woman from Austin, Texas decided to adopt her first budgie almost a decade ago, she didn’t know many more birds will soon fly into her life. Jen is the founder of The Green Bird Brigade, where she shares her home with a flock of seven birds, and uses her platform to spread education and awareness about parrots.

Jen’s incredible journey started in 2016, when she adopted her first budgie, Kai. Her flock started to grow as the years went by, and the lack of information about proper diet, care, and handling of parrots inspired her to start sharing her knowledge online.

“Through my rescue efforts, I have had the opportunity to work with and train many different parrot species and, as a result, continue to grow my knowledge and understanding of parrot behavior and care,” she explains on her official website.

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Jen learned everything she knows today through lots of research and hands-on experience, and she’s now using her platform to advocate for better care of companion birds. In addition to being a proud bird owner, Jen is also the founder of a self-funded parrot rescue, Rockford’s Rescues. She eventually quit her job as a fitness trainer to become a parrot trainer and behavioralist full-time.

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