French Bulldog Bai Cai Has Impressive Skateboard Skills

Riding a skateboard isn’t just an activity that humans enjoy. It turns out that dogs like it too and can do it pretty well, as an adorable French Bulldog from China named Bai Cai shows.

Bai Cai, whose name translates to “cabbage” in English, has become an internet star in recent years thanks to his impressive skateboard skills. This dog is not only capable of riding the skateboard by himself, but he can also perform turns, take on obstacles, and more.


My name is Chinese cabbage!Today is my first performance,Everybody has the money to hold the money field, has the hand to point a thumbs-up, thank you

♬ original sound – baicaiwanhuaban – baicaiwanhuaban

Bai Cai’s owner Zhao Chen, who is an avid skater himself, started giving skateboard lessons to the dog back in 2020. The training included luring him on the skateboard with snacks and teaching him how to ride it with one paw.

Bai Cai lowed it from the get-go and was able to successfully ride the skateboard in just 20 days. Since then, he has kept practicing and become quite good at it. The dog and his owner now skate almost every morning in the local park.

While Chen is proud of Bai Cai’s progress, he says that he doesn’t plan to teach him new tricks.

“His current routine is enough for him to exercise his body a little,” Chen shared in a recent chat with South China Morning Post.

Still, this doesn’t mean that Chen won’t keep making videos in order to share their joy with others.


Do you think I can only play skateboard 📷📷 home skills are countless 📷你以为白菜只会玩滑板吗📷📷居家技能也是会的不计其数📷#bulldog #french #frenchbulldog #china #chinese

♬ original sound – baicaiwanhuaban – baicaiwanhuaban

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