Tala Finds Her Purpose After Saving Giant Moth and Raising Her Babies

There was a time when Tala from Florida feared moths and didn’t want to be near them, but that’s ancient history now. Her videos on TikTok and Instagram attracted millions of views after she shared a story about saving a giant moth and raising 200 babies she left behind.

Tala, who describes herself as “Moth Mom”, was a psychology graduate before her life took a wild turn due to a happy accident in 2021. She found a giant moth on her car and decided to take care of her after noticing that a strong breeze blew her to the ground. Tala was scared of bugs and butterflies, but summoned the courage to overcome her fear – and she never looked back.

She took the moth home and noticed she was laying eggs overnight, but by the morning – she was already gone. She left 200 eggs behind, leaving it up to Tala to take care of them with limited resources and very little knowledge about moth care.

“The first time it was very hard; I wanted to keep them. But I know that it’s their nature to go out and mate and continue their cycle, and I didn’t want to ruin that… I missed them, but it was nice to know that they had a good life from the beginning,” she told Epoch Times.

This experience forced Tala to learn everything there is to know about moths, and she’s been in love with them ever since. She now has two million followers on TikTok and 500,000 more on Instagram, and she’s using her platform to spread awareness about these fascinating creatures.

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