People Rush to Give Money a Cat Resting on the Street 

Street performers usually sing, dance, or do some kind of art in order to attract the attention of people passing by. But one cat on the streets of Alanya, Turkey, managed to draw a huge crowd by just resting on its back.

A recent viral video posted by TikTok user tanjatanja8651on shows people taking photos of the cat’s performance, giving it pets, and even contributing money.

Most people believed the cat was a stray, but that actually isn’t the case. The cat, named Tarik, was adopted by the staff of a nearby Golden Eye Jewellery store several years ago, and they take care of it.

The spokesperson for the store told The Dodo that Tarik often spends time in front of the store in order to hang out with passersby and receive pets. They also added that Tarik’s recent street performance ended up contributing to a good cause because the money that the cat collected ended up being used to feed a number of stray animals.

“We feed around 15 stray cats a day,” Ender said. “We had a nice banquet for Tarik’s friends with the money he collected, buying them nice food. Our goal is to increase people’s interest in stray animals.”

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