Man Makes Tiny Hats for Toads

When the little boy of 43-year-old Chris Newsome’s friend lost his frog, the man decided to do something funny and creative to cheer him up.

He personally made small hats that could fit the head of the frog and started putting them on the animal to see how they would look like on him.

Then he started taking photos of a toad with tiny hats. The pictures are one more hilarious that the others and it seems like the toad is actually posing and enjoying the photoshoot.

This act of kindness actually turned into a real toad fashion couture extravaganza. Just picture a big man making tiny hats for a frog: that’s one of the most hilarious and extravagant things of all!

The toad wore any kind of hats: as a street kid, a cowboy, a pimp and many others. This didn’t bring his frog back, but for sure made him smile and laugh a lot. We really enjoyed these funny shots!

In the end, the man didn’t only cheer that boy up, but made us all laugh a lot! Thanks for the great idea!

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