Honey, A Duck Rejected by Her Own Kind, Becomes Best Friends With a Pack of Puppies

TikTok user Alma Ackermann recently shared a heartwarming story that shows both how much cruelty and how much kindness there can be in the animal world at the same time.

In a viral video shared on social media, Ackermann documented the story of a duck named Honey. Due to her disability, Honey was rejected by her own kind. This caused her to spend most of her time alone.

Considering that ducks are social and friendly animals, this kind of situation was quite hard for Honey. Fortunately, her caregivers had an idea in mind that would change everything; they decided to arrange a meet and greet with a pack of puppies.

The idea ended up being a complete success. Honey was welcomed by the puppies as one of their own and enjoyed every moment of the experience. The duck was really gentle with the puppies, but that didn’t stop her from showing excitement. The dogs, on the other hand, were curious about their new friend and wanted to “know” all about her.

“Honey is in loved with her new friends,” shared Ackermann in the caption of the video, which was viewed 4.4 million times and received more than 3.8K comments.

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