Cool Facts About Cougars You’ll Want to Share With Your Friends

You might know cougars have a lot of different names, including mountain lion, panther, and puma. But whatever you call them, there is no denying that this large cat is quite fascinating for all sorts of other reasons. These cool facts below definitely show it.

Cougars Hold a Guinness World Record

Cougars, as a species, are an official Guinness World Record holder for being the animal with the most names. In the English language alone, there are 40 different names attributed to this cat.

Cougar Cubs are Born with Spots and Blue Eyes

When they are born, cougar cubs have spots covering their fur to help them go unnoticed, as well as blue eyes. Gradually, their fur loses its spots after two years while their eyes become amber.

Cougars Can’t Roar But Can Scream Like a Human

Despite being considered a big cat, cougar can’t roar. However, they are able to produce a high-pitched noise that resembles a human scream.

Cougars Can Jump Really High

We know that all cats are great jumpers, but the jumping ability of cougars is really something else. They can jump 18 feet in the air from a standing position and 40 feet forward.

Cougars’ Size Depends on How Close They Are to Equator

Interestingly, the size of cougars depends on where they live in relation to the equator. Studies have shown that cougars living further away from the equator are bigger, while those living closer to it are generally smaller.

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