Couple Rescues a Wild Boar, Makes Him Part of the Family

Wild boars are usually considered unpredictable and potentially dangerous. However, that didn’t stop Belgian couple Gregory Guiot and Tiffany Pierre from adopting one and making him part of their family.

During a hunting trip, Guiot encountered a wild boar piglet in the woods. With his mother not around and predators lurking, Guiot decided to take the piglet and bring him home. It was supposed to be only temporary, but life had other plans.

The wild boar, whom they named Oscar, ended up providing them with so much sweetness and joy that they couldn’t get themselves to part ways with him.

“We hadn’t planned to keep him here, but to save him and then release him, but we became attached to him,” Pierre told Reuters.

After one year of coming to Guiot and Pierre’s home as a piglet, Oscar is now a full-grown wild boar that weighs 176 pounds. But despite this, he seems to be the sweetest pet imaginable. He has his own bed, pillows, and blankets and doesn’t mind spending time indoors. On top of that, he even learned that he shouldn’t relieve himself in the house and makes sure to notice his humans when he needs to “go” so they can take him outside.

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