5 Daily Habits That Keep You Looking Young, Strong, and Firm

There are a million different reasons to get off your butt and head to the gym, to keep active and maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet.  But let’s be honest – the sofa is super comfy and it’s been a long week – also that bag of pretzels is far easier to open than the chicken you planned on grilling. But nothing comes to those who don’t work for it – so get off the sofa and get into the habit of these 5 simple things that will keep you looking young, strong and firm!

When at the gym don’t be scared of the weight section. You don’t need to lift weights that weigh double what you do. In truth it’s more productive and helpful to lift light but to lift often. Think about consistence and maintenance. Rule number 1 – it really is about the long run. Focus on your entire body and don’t rule out yoga as another form of strength building.

Keep eating protein – more than usual. High protein foods, especially after a session at the gym reduce your risk of muscle loss. For a strong and firm body, muscle is the key.

In order to maintain that essential protein intake – your protein portions should be included in all 3 meals. Egg, Chicken, Meat – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

There have been hundreds of studies suggesting the best types of fruit to eat for weight loss and anti-ageing. Turns out pomegranates should make their way to the top of your list for a host of different, yet beneficial reasons.

While lying in the sun for hours on end is never healthy for your skin, a little bit of sunshine and Vitamin D can actually be beneficial for your body, soul even muscles.

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