The World’s First Art Exhibition For Dogs Is Just Want You Want It To Be

Even our furry friends need some culture every now and then! Introducing the world’s first ever art exhibition for dogs.

I’m sure most of you are shaking your heads in disbelief after reading this title. This can’t be real, you must be thinking. Who in their right mind spends the time and the energy on an art exhibit for…dogs?! Well, London, that’s who. Recently a two-day exhibit was opened in the queen’s city, one known for its impressive list of massive art collections. Now art critics with four legs have been included in the wave of museum goers. Curator Dominic Wilcox created the gallery, entitled, “Play More”, for his furry friends. Wilcox told interviewers “Just because dogs can’t speak our human language doesn’t mean they don’t feel the same emotions and enjoy seeing and experiencing new and interesting things,”.

The gallery boasted physically and mentally stimulating installations, meant to challenge a pup’s intellectual capabilities. As you can see from the photo, art pieces were set at appropriate eye levels to make sure all pooches, from Shih Tzus to Great Danes, could have a look. There was even an interactive section where dogs were encouraged to play. There were, as you could imagine, an open car window with a scenery simulator to a dog bowl-shaped ball pool. Sounds like heaven for any pup! No word yet on canines’ reactions to this exhibit. There was some shed hair leftover in the corner, and a load of poop on the second floor that no one wanted to claim, but sources say this is unrelated to their critiques of the art. I can’t wait to see what kind of exhibits they come up with for cats and gerbils next.

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