Woman Reveals a Genius Hack That Keeps Her Dogs Occupied During the Day

Dogs don’t like to spend their days indoors, doing nothing. They are at their happiest when they are outside and running around. Unfortunately, most dog owners don’t have enough time to play with their dogs at all times. This is where a genius hack shared by TikTok user Klaudia Soltys comes in handy.

Soltys recently uploaded a video on social media in which she revealed how she keeps her two beagles, Kiki and Koko, occupied during the day. Her method is quite simple and only requires a bag of frozen peas.

According to Soltys, she simply takes a handful of frozen peas and scatters it across her backyard. The dogs get occupied with searching for peas, and when they find one, they get themselves a “low-calorie” snack.

The video got quite a lot of attention on social media, with the hack being praised by other dog owners who were looking for ways to keep their dogs entertained.

“At first, I started throwing treats around, but beagles are prone to gaining weight so I needed something low-calorie,” she shared in a chat with Newsweek. “That’s when I came up with peas. They’re small, they’re extremely low in fat. It was the perfect solution, and both Kiki and Koko love veggies.”

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