Five Ways Water is Really the Best Thing For You

The simplest thing in the world is also the most necessary. When it comes to real health and healthy living, water is one of the best things for us. For years we’ve been told that orange juice, tomato juice, kale juice – whatever, these are the best things for keeping us healthy and hydrated. 

But, the truth is that it was simple H2O just sitting there are waiting for us to realize how wonderful it really is. By bringing water back in to your life, you will be benefiting in a big way. Take a look at what water is really for, why it’s the best, and how it can work hard for you.

1. Kick Starting Your Day

Coffee has gotten the reputation as the drink of the morning, OJ is the beverage for a healthy start to your day. But we are here to tell you, that water could replace both. A glass of ice water in the morning is the healthiest way to start your day with a punch. Refreshing, cool and calorie free, a glass of water has been shown to improve your wakeup routine and improve your performance when you’re starting off early in the day. For the truly lazy, keep a glass of water by your bedside so you can start your day off right, right away.

2. Keeping You Focused

By staying hydrated during the day, you will see some serious improvements to your performance in terms of focus. Often small headaches and fatigue are the result of dehydration. Our body might misinterpret and think that we’re hungry or need a dose of sugar, but try drinking a glass of cool water before you head for a muffin and see if the feelings pass.

3. Keeping Cravings at Bay

Much like water can help keep you focused, water can help you be better at regulating what kinds of food and nutrients you really need. Often, when our body starts exhibiting signs of hunger, it’s really thirst that we’re feeling. When you start feeling those midmorning munchies, your instinct will be to head for the candy stash or thrown down a bag of chips. Take a breath before you do and try for some water instead.

4. Your Skin

Staying hydrated is for so much more than your appetite. The largest organ of our body, our skin, needs serious care. One of the easiest and simplest things you can do for your skin is to keep it hydrated. By drinking enough water, especially if you are consuming alcohol, you’ll save your skin a whole lot of heartache. For those of us trying to keep our complexion at its best, drinking enough water is the best way to start. While your face creams works hard to smooth your face from the outside, what you drink will be doing its job from the inside out.

5. The Best Exercise

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of your workout, you need to make sure you’ve had enough to drink. If you’re feeling down in the middle of your Zumba class, take the suggested water break. You might be happy to find that you are ready to make it through the rest of your class. By keeping a water bottle at your side on the treadmill, you will be able to work out harder, for longer. For the very best in working out, keeping the water on hand and don’t be skimpy on the water breaks.

Most of our bodies are already made of it, so it’s no wonder that water is so good for us. With the influx of sodas and energy drinks on the market, water has really taken a back seat. But we’re happy to see a growth in the number of water fountains and bottle filling stations that are popping up all over the place. With so much fresh water available on hand, there is no excuse for staying away from wonderful water.

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