Is It Better To Take A Shower Or Use The Bath?

When it comes to getting clean, showers may be quicker, but there’s something luxurious about taking a bath. Which is actually better? There’s more to it than you think, so here are some things to keep in mind.

Showers use less water. An average showerhead will have you using about 25 gallons of water in a 10-minute shower, and with a low-flow showerhead, you can easily cut that down to 12.5. The average bathtub will need about 45 gallons for you to sit and soak. Showers tend to be the environmentally friendly option unless it takes you 20 minutes to get clean. Alternatively you can get more use out of your bathwater by using it again once you’re clean. Use for outdoor purposes or to wash your delicates.

Both showers and baths can be potentially hazardous. When there’s water, things can get slippery and injuries from slipping in a tub or falling in a shower are no joke. Getting in and out of a tub offers more control and you’re not on your feet most of the time, so if you’re looking to play it safe, the bathtub is your friend.

If the point is to get clean, surely one option does the trick better? Baths are better at soaking off dead skin cells and really cleaning deeply. However, you’re then left sitting in a pool of your own filth. Rinsing off afterwards is a good way to cleanse after a deep clean.

If time is of the essence than showers are your best bet. In the time it takes to fill up the tub, you could already have showered! If you’re short on time, or living by the rule that time is money, choose the shower.

Both showers and baths have something to offer in terms of health benefits:

  • Baths have been shown to reduce feelings of loneliness and have other health benefits such as relieving stress and helping your skin to really moisturize.
  • The hot water on your back in the shower can relieve muscle tension and also helps to reduce stress build up.
  • Cold showers also offer a host of health benefits. They can kick start your morning; stimulate wait loss and boost immunity.

When it comes down to it, both showers and baths have a lot to offer and trying a combination of the two can make sure you get the best of both. Try showering during the week to keep water use at a minimum and then reward yourself with a long relaxing bath on the weekend.

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