It’s Hump Day! The middle of the week where you can see the weekend in the distance, but you have already been worn down. Getting through Wednesday without letting your guard down is going to be tough, but we’ve got the tips to help you out. Keeping your week on point, means keeping your Wednesday healthy too – even though it’s probably the last thing you want to do. Power through Wednesday with our ideas and you will certainly be pleased with the results.

Indoor Workout

Half the work for getting a workout in, is getting out of the house. Whether it’s the rain, or you are just feeling a little worn down, occasionally there’s something that might keep you inside. That doesn’t mean you can skip out on the workout though. Check through YouTube for a 45 minute Zumba or aerobics class. If you are feeling really jazzed, consider investing in a paid online workout program. Don’t worry if you are scared to commit though, there are plenty of free options. Push your furniture to the side and get to work.

Wake Up with a Punch

Today is the day that you should try juicing. Don’t splash the cash on a calorie filled smoothie from the store, make your own. Make a mix of mostly veggies with an apple or orange for sweetness and enjoy the benefits of the vitamins and minerals for the rest of the day. If you don’t have a juicer squeeze two oranges and one lemon for a tart and tasty drink that will be the perfect pump up for a day that’s got you down.

Hump Day Power Lunch

To get you up and over the hump of the week, a big hearty lunch is just the ticket. For the most powerful lunch, you’re going to need to think protein and you’re going to need to think green. Pick tough green veggies like spinach and kale and top with beans and legumes or grilled chicken or salmon. Sprinkle in some quinoa and toasted nuts. Add cherry tomatoes and pepper for color and top with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. The powerful protein punch will be a pick me up that will carry you to salvation…err…Thursday.

Yogurt Surprise

Getting through Wednesday means treating yourself a little bit, but that doesn’t mean you can let your guard down. Don’t get sloppy now, stay with us. Prep in advance for the afternoon treat that will keep you happy without killing you with calories. Pack a plain Greek yogurt, honey, assorted berries and a crunchy cereal and pop in the office fridge. You can even do this Monday and then get totally stoked when you realize you have something yummy to eat. Pull that baby out on Wednesday afternoon and enjoy the sweet treat you totally deserve.

Adjust Your Happy Hour

Instinct might tell you to let loose on your Wednesday happy hour, but you can totally enjoy a cocktail or two without hitting a serious low. To get through hump day, you need to find that balance of letting loose, while still staying strong. Heading out to happy hour, but with a promise to adjust things slightly is a great way to keep yourself going. Steer clear of beer and head for something slightly lighter and less caloric like a vodka soda with lime. A glass or two of wine can even be a benefit!

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