Watch as Wild Bear Takes a Relaxing Bath in the Woods

You thought only humans enjoy taking some time for themselves and having a spa day? Well, the video captured in Colorado’s Roxborough State Park will show you otherwise.

Roxborough State Park staff recently shared an amusing clip on their official Facebook page that shows a bear having a relaxing bath. The wild animal found a muddy paddle in the woods and decided to take advantage of it.

The bear can be seen lying on his back, with all fours in the air, just embracing the moment. At one point, he even gives a sniff to his paws, probably wanting to make sure they are not stinky.

“It’s wet, but not this wet on the trails. This bear, however, seemed to have found a private spot to soak away from all of the hoomans,” park staff wrote in the caption of the video.

It is actually not uncommon for bears to take baths at every opportunity they get. Their thick fur makes them prone to heat stress when the temperatures are on the rise, like in recent weeks, and they will often look for ways to cool off. This is especially the case with female bears, whose body temperature rises during lactation.

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