Watch a Rescue Mission of a Seal Stuck Between Rocks

One unlucky female seal recently got stuck between the rocks at the shore of Odiorne Point State Park, New Hampshire, with no way to get out. But thanks to swift action by Seacoast Science Center’s Marine Mammal Rescue unit, the sea creature is now free to move and swim wherever it wants.

Seacoast Science Center recently shared the video of this successful rescue mission on their social media. In the clip, a seal can be seen being trapped between giant boulders and crying for help while rescuers try out different methods to pull her out.

Being scared, the seal “defended” herself from humans by trying to bite them.  However, this didn’t discourage rescuers, who managed to get a blanket underneath her after some back and forth and successfully pull her out.

“She was brought back to SSC and given time to rest and de-stress. She then received an exam, blood work, oral and subcutaneous fluid therapy with electrolytes, and a hind flipper tag for ID. Overall, she was in good health and it was determined the best course of action was to release her,” Seacoast Science Center shared in the caption of the video.

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