Turkish Piano Teacher Sarper Duman Loves Playing Classical Music For His Cats

No one is immune to the calming power of classical music – not even cats. Despite having reputation for being mischievous creatures, even cats can’t help but sit down and listen when Sarper Duman sits behind his piano and start playing classical music.

Duman is a Turkish piano player with over a million Instagram followers under his belt, but who was he before becoming an internet sensation? Cats and classical music helped him find his peace of mind, but he was in a much darker place about a decade ago and spent years in recovery after trying to commit suicide in his youth.

Those days are long behind him, and Duman is now fully dedicated to helping animals, especially cats. After the word spread around, people started abandoning sick and wounded cats outside his office, and he found himself taking care of 19 kitties at one point.

Covering their food, litter, and clinic expenses doesn’t come cheap, so he turned to Patreon to ask for help. Despite being an internet star, Duman is still pretty humble, and his music is the best thing that he can offer to his cats. Judging by his viral clips, they love sitting in his lap while he plays the piano and they truly enjoy his musical talent.

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