Tuesdays are a test of character. You don’t have the same license to complain as Mondays, but it’s still only the second day of the week. The weekend is a mere twinkle in the distance, we are never going to make it! But hang tight because here how you can make the most of one of the toughest days of the week. Turn your Tuesday around by keeping up the energy, and even pushing a little harder to hit your health goals. If Monday was the day to think big, Tuesday is the day to think strong. Muscle into your Tuesday and you won’t be disappointed.

Rethink Your Coffee Habit

We won’t push you like we did yesterday, but we’re still going to ask a lot. That triple macchiato half caff latte with foam that you are drinking every day? Yeah, that is just not going to work. Even if you held off on Monday until a mid-morning coffee, if we can even call it that, that thing you’re drinking is a death trap. With the oodles of cream and the heaps of sugar, a simple drink has been turned into a monster. It goes down quick, but it will take ages for your body to process that. But it’s so tasty you say! Here’s some bad news, there are some things that no amount of flavor can justify. This Tuesday, say no to the crazy coffee order and try something you can order in less than three words.

Get Your Workout Clothes the Night Before

Another way to make sure you end your Monday right is to get ready for Tuesday. To give yourself a better chance of hitting that morning workout two days in a row, get your clothes out the night before. Put your top and tee, together with your sneakers next to your bed or in the bathroom – wherever you will automatically see them and get dressed without making excuses. Put out a water bottle as well so you are hydrated and ready to run, right away. By putting all the pieces in place, you make it more likely that you’ll be able to stick to your workout regimen.

Snacking Tuesday

Snacking all day? That seems unhealthy. You’re right, but you’re also wrong. Since the week hasn’t worn you down yet, try something out today – only eat when you are hungry. This will take a little bit of prep, because the key to snacking right, is to make sure you have the right options. Prep for the experiment by bringing a rainbow of fruits and veggies to work. Cut up an apple and bring a baggie of grapes and an orange. Bring carrots and humus, a red pepper and chickpeas sprinkled with salt and pepper. Try to stay away from any carbs, and eat when you are hungry. Don’t wait until crippling hunger sets in and don’t eat mindlessly if you are bored. Take this Tuesday and think about what is going in to your system.

Take the Stairs

Tuesday we take the stairs – wherever. You might need to give yourself a little more time depending on what your day looks like, but this Tuesday do not use the escalator or elevator. Getting a mini-workout whenever you are out and about is the added oomph to make the most of your Tuesday. You’ll need to power ahead and think strength in order to push yourself, but you’ll see the results in your focus, and ability to stop huffing and puffing up to your office floor.

Second Workout

Yes you heard that right. We told you Tuesday was the strength day where you put pedal to the metal and make the most of things, you have the rest of the week to chill (not). Check out the 7-minute workout app, or try some simple indoor exercises. You will have to use all the focus you can muster, but try and end your Tuesday with another short workout – no more than ten minutes. You can do jumping jacks and a sit-up, push-up combo, or a few high knees and a quick dance party, or even a quick yoga video. Just roll your mat out in the living room and get to work.

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