You made it! The week is basically over and you have real reason to celebrate. Wait just a minute before you go crazy with pre-weekend parties and think about all you have accomplished. You basically have a perfect week behind you, and since you have come this far you might as well finish things right. Here’s what you need to do to make sure you finish off your perfect week, perfectly.

Keep Your Workout Regimen

Thursday is the day you are most likely to skip your workout. The week has run you down and you are probably starting to feel the fatigue setting in. In order to make sure you still make it to your workout, set your alarm ten minutes earlier than you usually do. Give yourself another ten minutes today to get up and get ready. Instead of hitting snooze fifteen times, you will have an extra few minutes to get yourself up and out of bed.

Low Power Workout

Try a less cardio focused workout that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Pick a few of your largest and heaviest books (think the textbooks you saved from law school or your partner’s copy of the latest Game of Thrones) and turn those puppies into workout material. Your homemade weights can give you the slightly lower-energy workout that will still keep you on schedule and help you tone the muscles you have been building up all week. Try a series of squats while holding the weights for the ultimate in workouts.

Snack Like a Pro

Load your office fridge with carrots, celery and hummus and keep a stash of dried cranberries and cashews in your desk drawer. You will have the things you need to make it through Thursday. The high energy snacks will give you the edge you need to keep things going through Thursday. Be careful with snacks like cashews and almonds, they are not for munching. While they are great for protein, they can also be high in fat. So snack wisely.

Skip Happy Hour

The weekend is very much in sight and even though you have been so good this week, don’t let it all go to waste with a serious pre-weekend pre-game. This is the day of the week to cut out happy hour. Tell your friends you need the night off for a cup of tea and some quiet time. They’ll most likely be jealous of your ability to do what is right for you and your body. Invite them along for a card or board game, and like your Monday wind-down, you’ll end your Thursday gracefully and without the unnecessary calories.

Celebrate Success

After a week of working hard, it’s important to reward yourself. Most people choose food as a reward. This is a thinking that should be adjusted. Getting something like an ice cream because you aced your mid-year review may be delicious, but it’s a short-term treat for a long-term win. Try and mark your successes with something more meaningful. Buy that book you have been meaning to get or get a new nail polish or other small item that sends the message that you worked hard, without the calories.

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