This Woman Built a Cat Ladder to Welcome Cats When It’s Raining

Can you believe what this woman did? As the winter in Turkey got pretty chilli this year, this woman has found the solution for all the cats freezing out there. She built a ladder for them!

The cat ladder brings them into her house. The woman is a dentist and she came up with this solution after spotting homeless cats all over the area in which she lives. She decided to turn her home into a cat refugee.

She wasn’t sure if the neighbors would have reacted badly to this change but she didn’t care too much thinking it was too good of a cause. She also put some flowers along the ladder to make it look as part of the building ornament. Countless cats have taken advantage of her hospitality. It’s not the first time she helps animals in need.

She also volunteered to help dogs in need. It is great that there are people like her who cares about helping the animals in need. And it is even greater that these people decide to take action and do something as easy as building a ladder that can be actually really helpful for the homeless cats out there.

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