This is The Most Adorable Cat You Have Ever Seen

Her name Pocak, which is Hungarian, for “tummy,” and he is adorable. All you have to do is watch a few seconds of her video and you’ll fall in love with her. Apparently, she is extremely good at begging.

When she sees food, Pocak puts her front paws together and waves them in an upward and downward motion. It looks as if she’s praying. You can see her wave her little kitty arms at anything. She likes canned food, cookies, sausage, cereal and mostly everything.

Her owner describe the kitty like this: “I bought the cat from breeders, and when I picked her up, after watching the ‘exhibition’ of her parents’ awards from different cat ‘beauty pageants’, they handed me a 10 pages long handbook about what exactly I should feed the cat with, that she only eats Royal Canin etc.

On our way home, I made a deal with the cat: I won’t call her von Orchidenwald Baby Mercedes, like her mom, or similar posh cat names, and in exchange, she does not torture me with being snob and picky.” She hasn’t been picky since.

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