This Guy Got Photobombed By a Whale

Think hard for a second about your coolest selfie on Instagram..

Now forget it, because it definitely has nothing on the one that’s taking over the Internet now – Will Rosner’s jaw-dropping selfie with a 15-meter humpback whale! Rosner is a 24-year-old Australian carpenter who has been traveling the world for the last 18 months. All his travels couldn’t have prepared him for an incredible encounter with a pod of humpback whales he had while diving in the pristine waters of Tonga – all captured on camera.

Rosner reported he was lucky enough to swim with about six whales over six hours. Rosner said that the whale in the selfie was dancing and singing and splashing water on Rosner. At one even lifting Rosner on his tail! ‘It really put on a show for us’, Rosner said. After having such a once in a lifetime encounter, you can bet he’s glad he got it all on tape.

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