This Giant Lizard Enjoys Cuddling With His Human

Most people believe that reptiles can’t be affectionate. However, an adorable relationship between Instagram user Jake Beine and his giant Argentine tegu lizard named Blue shows otherwise.

Beine rescued Blue from a negligent owner a few years ago, and the lizard needed some time to get comfortable in a home where everyone loves and appreciates him. But after some time, Blue became the sweetest and cuddliest pet ever.

In a recent video shared on Instagram, Beine and Blue can be seen enjoying one of their cuddling sessions. The lizard even gives Beine some licks to show his affection.

In a recent chat with The Dodo, Beine said that Blue loves humans. He is always looking to play or cuddle with everyone.

“He makes people light up that’s one of the coolest things about Blue, “Beine said about Blue. “He will run to the door and greet you when you get home … I think he seeks out the affection that he didn’t have at first. “

It appears that Blue particularly enjoys the company of Beine’s grandmother, and the feeling seems to be mutual. Beine even claims that grandma will often rather hang out with Blue than with him or the family dog.

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