This Dog Takes Care of Stuffed Animals like Her Own Puppies

This is the story of the sweetest dog ever. She is trying to take care of her puppies, expect the puppies we are talking about are three stuffed toys. BuzzFeed has reported that teen Twitter user Xavier Hernandez shared an image of his dog taking care of stuffed animals.

The teenager caption the photo like this: “So my dog was pregnant and she lost all 3 of her puppies so my mom bought her these toys and she thinks they’re her puppies.” The name of Xavier’s dog is Twinkle, and her puppies died during their birth.

She was extremely depressed after her loss so Xavier’s mom gave her the three toys in the attempt of comforting her. Apparently, it worked.  “She didn’t do anything without them and wouldn’t let anyone touch them,” explained Xavier.

The dog spends the whole day with these toys and takes care of them as if they were her children. It is a very sweet and sad story and we hope that Twinkle feels a bit better now.

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