This Cat Owner Has a Unique Way Of Tricking Her Pet to Exercise

Cats usually have a healthy appetite, and we just can’t resist their cute little faces when they want to have another snack. But that isn’t always good for them, as it can make them overweight and cause them some health issues or limit their mobility.

There are various ways you can help your feline lose some weight, but the way one cat owner did it has recently amazed the internet.

In the clip posted on TikTok profile @smudgeandfriends, Kaia Bint Savage shared how she managed to “trick” her chubby cat Smudge into doing some exercising. Savage takes Smudge to the end of her garden each morning, prompting the cat to walk back to the house herself. 

The trick is working, as Smudge is “getting quicker every day,” according to the text on the video that got 1.4 million views in less than a week.


now the new meds are working she’s like a whippet! (a sedated whippet but still) #catweightloss #chonkycat #oldcatsoftiktok #pettok

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In a recent chat with Newsweek, Savage shared that Smudge experienced limited mobility due to her size and was put on a diet. However, the exercise ended up giving the best results.

“She’s actually asking to go outside regularly now, so I know she’s enjoying the walks,” Savage told Newsweek. “She loves watching the birds and biting the grass, so her walks often have a lot of detours.”

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