This Adorable Cat is Actually a Dog Trainer

Usually, when people think of cats and dogs, they think of them as being the absolute complete opposite. Really, cats and dogs are about as opposite as peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, and ketchup and mustard. But, when you think about it, all of those other opposites actually go pretty well together.

This Adorable Cat is Actually a Dog Trainer

So, why is there such a stigma surrounding how cats and dogs just are incapable of getting along? Well, oftentimes they don’t live particularly well together. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some cats and dogs who are very capable of interacting.

For instance, one particular cat in Missouri is actually a dog trainer. D-O-G, yes, that’s the cat’s name, is a cute black and white feline that works with a group called Support Dogs, Inc. This company trains dogs that assist people with mobility and hearing issues.

The reason that D-O-G plays an important role in training these dogs Is that because the dogs are meant to help with people who may not be able to respond to their surrounding environment, dogs have to learn not to be distracted, especially by other animals.

This Adorable Cat is Actually a Dog Trainer

D-O-G is used to offer a distraction to the training dogs, by trying to play with them, touching their tails, and just being present. According to the CEO of the company, Anne Klein, D-O-G “rules the roost” and “is the boss”.

Prior to being one of the most important trainers in the program, D-O-G was a barn kitten and was discovered by the director of canine services, Nadine Wenig. She instantly fell in love with the cat and was gifted with him by his previous owners.

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