This Albino Iguana Will Make You Believe That Dragons Are Real

Dragons have been inspiring writers and artists for centuries, despite the fact they don’t truly exist. Alexey Kashpersky always wished they were real so he decided to do something about it and found the closest thing that comes to a dragon—his albino super crimson iguana Tamerlan.

Kashpersky has been fascinated by dinosaurs and dragons from the first time he encountered them in books as a kid. There was something magical and enchanting about their primal power, and his obsession with dragons didn’t fade away in the years to come.

Kashpersky’s dream of owning his own dragon came true when he adopted Tamerlan. This artificially bred iguana hatched in 2018, and he looks just like a tiny dragon, despite not being anywhere near as fierce because he was born blind due to albinism.

Kashpersky, who is a creative director by trade, decided to share Tamerlan’s story with the world and found viral fame on TikTok and Instagram with Dragon & Me.

“Our goal is to educate people, share rays of positive emotions, inspire with nature’s incomparable beauty, and never stop being creative along our journey… We have grown into a huge community with over half a million dedicated dragon lovers and friends,” he writes on his official website.

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