These Shelter Dogs Get Treated To Starbucks Puppuccinos And It’s Adorable

Shelter life certainly isn’t ideal for dogs, but even they can get a break every once in a while. Fortunately, the people who work at these facilities care for the dogs, and the Kitsap Humane Society in Washington state is living proof of it. Shelter dogs often look like old army vets who’ve probably seen a thing or two, so the fact that this shelter takes them out for some Starbucks is dangerously captivating.

These Shelter Dogs Get Treated To Starbucks Puppuccinos And Its Adorable

If you haven’t heard of the Puppuccino, it’s a little whipped cream cup that became an internet-led trend, though not officially endorsed by Starbucks. Dogs seem to enjoy them as a tasty treat. Well, Kitsap decided it’d give its shelter dogs a little treat by taking them out for a round of Puppuccinos.

One of the volunteers at the shelter, Molly Clark, has started a Tuesday tradition where she’ll get one of the dogs, load it into her car, and take it out for a coffeehouse treat. On top of that, the local Starbucks’ post signs of “Shelter Dogs of the Week” in order to help the dogs find a home.

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