The Unique Story of The Dog Who Sacrificed Everything

David Lanteigne Hoped that by adopting Lilly the dog for his mother, he would help her battle depression. Little did he know, that that decision would literally save his mother’s life. 

Christine Spain, David’s mother, has suffered from depression and alcoholism for most of her adult life. Three years ago, she took a big step towards self healing, when she let Lilly into her home. Lilly quickly became a loved family member, who did almost everything with Christine. 

A few weeks ago, Christine received some bad family news, which caused her to go back to her old ways.
Drunk and disoriented, Christine collapsed on the train tracks near her home, with a train fast approaching. Lilly tried to wake Christine up, but failed repeatedly. When the train was seen in sight, Lilly decided to do everything in her power to save her beloved owner, and started dragging Christine to the other side with her mouth. 

Lilly managed to save Christine at the last possible second, but with a great price. Lilly was hit. The train engineer stopped the train at once, and helped bring Lilly to the local animal hospital. 

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