Talented Dog Performs as a One-Dog Band

Despite knowing how smart and talented dogs are, they always find new ways to surprise us. Just recently, one talented dog became a viral star on the internet for his ovation-worthy performance as a one-dog band.

In a video shared on Instagram by animal activist Chitra Basarkar, a dog can be seen sitting in front of a keyboard while surrounded by a cymbal, a drum, and a horn.

The canine first hits the cymbal to get the rhythm going before moving to the keyboards and adding some horn sounds to his performance, all while hitting the drum with his tail.

“Only dog lovers will appreciate this amazing musician,” Basarkar wrote in the caption of the video.

It turned out that a lot of folks appreciated the dog’s performance. The video received 833K likes, while Instagram users rushed to the comments section to share their appreciation for the talented musician.

“Its my favourite music aritist from now on,” one person wrote.

“He’s adorable and very talented!,” another added.

It isn’t surprising that this dog is so good at playing multiple instruments. A number of studies have shown that dogs enjoy music and listening to it improves their mood and relieves their stress.

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