8 Reasons Why Swimming is Good for You

Swimming has been described as the ideal sport for centuries. The benefits are countless and gliding through the water on a hot summer’s day certainly seem more appealing than having to hit a treadmill or aerobics class. Just in case the torsos of Olympic swimmers wasn’t enough evidence or motivation as to what swimming can do for you, here are 8 more reasons to jump in the water.

1. It’s a Great Aerobic Exercise

Not only is swimming fun, but it’s also a great aerobic exercise. And now that the weather is warm, it’s the perfect time to start swimming laps. While you might not be the next Michael Phelps, any person at any age can start swimming to increase their overall health. “Swimming is a good, whole-body exercise that has low impact for people with arthritis, musculoskeletal, or weight limitations,” Robert A. Robergs, director of the exercise physiology laboratories at The University of New Mexico in Albuquerque says, “because it is low impact and can be done by people of any weight, age or physical ability.”

2. Anti-Aging

While it may not clear the wrinkles swimming definitely reduces stress and other elements associated with accelerated aging and is therefore considered and anti-aging sport.

3. Flexibility

Exercise in water is the perfect space to increase mobility and flexibility without putting additional stress on the body’s joints

4. Improved Asthma Symptoms

Like many aerobic exercises, swimming increases your lung capacity by forcing them to work extra hard and in so doing decreases asthma symptoms.

5. Lowers Diabetes Risk

Swimming, like all other forms of exercise play a role in lowering blood glucose levels as well as your risk of contracting Diabetes.

6. It Improves Mental Health

We all know that exercise aid in controlling and improving mental health. Swimming is also known for improving your mood, decreasing your anxiety and even depression.

7. It Helps You Lose Weight

Weight loss, which is a primary goal for some is definitely accelerated by swimming. You can burn up to 500 calories an hour participating in the sport and it works every muscle without causing strain.

8. It’s Good for Pregnant Women

As an expecting mom, water exercises are perfect for you with no impact,  and optimum blood flow to the uterus, there is no reason not to.

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