Super Rare Pacific Football Fish Was Found on an Oregon Beach

Beachgoers at Cannon Beach, Oregon, recently spotted an unusual-looking fish washed up on the shore. It turned out that this is a super rare deep-sea angler fish known as the Pacific football fish.

The discovery of the Pacific football fish was shared by Oregon’s Seaside Aquarium on social media. According to the Facebook post, this is the first time that this fish was discovered on Oregon’s coast. Additionally, only 31 specimens have been recorded around the world, including California, New Zealand, Ecuador, and Chile.

“Little is known about their life history but what is known is unusually fascinating,” Seaside Aquarium wrote while attaching several photos of the fish.

Pacific football fish is one of the 300 species of anglerfish. It lives in complete darkness, usually 3,000 feet below sea level. They are known for their dorsal fin, which has a phosphorescent bulb on top. This bulb lights up thanks to photobacteria that inhabit it and serves as a method of attracting prey.

The food is scarce in the deep sea, making the function of the phosphorescent bulb even more important. Additionally, Pacific football fish isn’t a picky eater and will eat anything that can fit into its mouth, including crustaceans, other fish, and squid.

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